Sportsbalm Muscle Repair Lotion

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Muscle Repair Lotion

Helps with recovery of sensitive muscles and nourishes the skin

Sportsbalm Muscle Repair Lotion supports the recovery of damaged muscle tissue after heavy exercise. The lotion penetrates deep into the problem areas and gets the circulation going again, allowing the muscles to more quickly revert to their original capacity. Moisturising and non-greasy, Muscle Repair lotion with aloe vera also stimulates and nourishes the skin.

Why Muscle Repair Lotion?

  • Soothes and relaxes stiff and knotted muscles
  • Cares for sensitive and heavily strained muscles
  • Good for circulation
  • Keeps the blood vessels supple and elastic
  • Strengthens vascular walls
  • Cares for the skin
  • Not greasy

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