SideKick Curve Muscle Reliever

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The Sidekick Curve is designed for anyone who has muscle tension and impingement - whether it's in their neck, shoulder, back, knees, feet or hands. 

The Curve Muscle Reliever works by providing myofascial release to affected areas. Myofascial release works by breaking down internal scar tissues and adhesions beneath the skin, which consequently improves blood flow and restores movement.
Use the tool with Sidekick's Mint warming balm (included in your purchase!) for easy application. The warming balm provides lubrication to the skin, and is Made in Canada using a 100% natural formula with organic ingredients.

Finally, the Curve comes with an instructional set of videos led by a licensed Chiropractor for those who are new instrument assisted manual therapy. 

What Makes This Tool Different From Others 
The Curve is another tool in your arsenal to improve recovery and performance. Compared to a foam roller or lacrosse ball which primarily offer compression to the muscles, the Curve causes shearing and stretching of the tissues. Consequently the results are drastically different and lead to looser muscles in as little as 3 minutes.

Purchase comes with a Curve Muscle Reliever and 30g Muscle Warming Balm.
  • REDUCE MUSCLE PAIN AND IMPROVE MOBILITY: Our uniquely designed tool removes scar tissue and adhesions under the skin that are preventing muscle movement and blood flow.
  • HEAVY STONE MEANS LESS ENERGY FOR YOU: This tool is made with 100% Bian Stone - a dense and heavy material. The heavier weight means that the tool itself will apply most of the pressure required to use it along your body.
  • SMOOTH, FRICTION-LESS SCRAPING: Our 100% All Natural lubrication balm formula eliminates the friction between the skin and the Curve Muscle Reliever. This is especially useful for dry skin, or those with lots of hair. The balm is made in Canada with organic ingredients so you don't have to worry about skin breakouts. The balm size is 30g.
  • EXTREME VERSATILITY: The unique design and size of this tool allow you to work on both larger muscles (i.e. back, neck, legs etc.), as well as the smaller, tricky areas such as the hands, achilles, part of the knees etc.