Resistance Rubber Band

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Designed from durable, high-quality latex, these resistance bands can help increase lateral movement, build hip strength, and enhance general mobility. They are perfect for use in almost all of the workout routines associated with functional fitness training and mixed martial arts as well as speed, strength and agility training.

Red Band: 13mm x 45mm x 2080mm

Black Band: 22mm x 45mm x 2080mm

Purple Band: 32mm x 45mm x 2080mm

Green Band: 44mm x 45mm x 2080mm

Blue Band: 63mm x 45mm x 2080mm


Designed specifically for advanced users and frequent, repeated use, these high-quality resistance bands can also be used for more advanced exercises, like assisted chin-ups and pull-ups.


Available in different colors and resistance strengths.




For safety reasons, bands that have been opened or removed from their plastic packaging cannot be returned or exchanged. Please ensure the band received is the correct one before opening,


Guidelines for Use:


1) To prevent a knick in the material, bands need to be wrapped around a totally smooth surface. Even the smallest imperfection can cause the band to break or snap.


2) When performing assisted pull-ups or similar exercises, your KNEES should be placed inside the band and not your TRAINERS. Small stones, hard dirt and other materials on the soles of your shoes can cut or knick the band.


3) Do not overstretch the band beyond the recommended 82″. Doing so, especially during sprints or other similar exercises will weaken the integrity of the band.


4) Always unwrap or uncoil the band after each use. This will help prevent excessive wear and tear on the band.

5) Inspect the band thoroughly before every use to ensure the band’s integrity. Using a damaged band can cause band breakage or bodily injury. Athlete Specific is not responsible for breakage or injury that occurs during use of the band.


6) Younger athletes should be properly supervised during any band usage.


7) Bands should be stored in a cool, dry place. Do not leave exposed to direct sunlight. Doing so will cause the band to dry out, become brittle and crack.


8) Keep bands and all similar items out of the reach of children at all times.


9) All band usage is at your own discretion. Please consult a physician or professional trainer before use to ensure it is the right tool for you.