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Mini Loop Bands – set of 4 have many different applications, from strength training and conditioning to rehabilitation. Use them to increase balance, build strength, improve flexibility, and more! Advanced exercisers can use them for integrated strength training or high-energy sports conditioning. Just starting out? Recovering from an injury? Healing after surgery? Mini exercise bands are ideal for use during rehabilitation.


Made of super heavy-duty latex rubber, The Fitness Mini Loop Bands are ideal for the serious athlete or training regimen. The loops are color-coded by resistance level, so it’s easy to find the right band for the job. When your body is ready, you can easily move up to the next resistance level.


Our Premium Mini Loop Bands are also ultra lightweight and portable. Use them wherever or whenever they’re needed. The extra-strong, closed-loop design makes them ideal for heavy, repeated use.


Give your leg muscles a good workout or use them for resistance for while doing walks, shuffles, and lunges. Customize your upper- or lower-body workout exercises or physical therapy routines.


The Mini Loop Bands are good for any age. As with all exercises and equipment, please ensure they are appropriate for you. Consult a doctor if you have questions.


Features of the Mini Loop Bands – Premium Quality:

  • Width: 5cm
  • Set of 4 Bands are color-coded to indicate 4 levels of resistance
  • Made of heavy-duty rubber latex repeated use for long and strenuous workouts
  • Bulk purchases available, please contact
  • Storage bag

PLEASE NOTE: For safety reasons, bands that have been opened or removed from their plastic packaging cannot be returned or exchanged. Please check your band order before opening the packaging to ensure you’ve received the right or desired product.