New Wooden 28mm Gymnastic Rings

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Increase your crossfit or strength training workouts with these authentic wooden gym rings featuring classic gym styling and designed for frequent use. Built to handle Olympic-style exercises, these wood gym rings are perfect for ring dips, muscle-ups, back and front levers, pull-ups, ring rows and more.


Each set of wooden Gymnastic Rings comes with adjustable black nylon strapping and a durable, adjustable buckle system for hanging the rings from crossfit racking or any strong, stable surface for completing your workouts.


Designed for indoor or outdoor use, set them up in a home gym or take advantage of their easy portability to keep them in your workout bag and take with you to a training location of your choice. Please note, however, that wood rings should be stored in a dry place indoors and should not be used in the rain.


Sold in pairs.

  • Set Contains: 2 Rings &  2 sets of adjustable nylon strapping
  • Weight Load Capacity: 225kg/ring
  • Ring Diameter: 24cm
  • Ring Circumference: 9.5cm
  • Length of straps: 15 foot x 1"
  • Portable & Light weight
  • Suitable for home or professional gym training