Athlete Specifc are the proud distributors of the XMetrics in Ireland. There are millions of professional and recreational swimmers around the world. All of them, wherever you go, share the same problem: they swim in a packed lane without having a precise idea of what they are doing and how. For professional swimmers it can be worse, having a coach screaming at you from the other side of the pool. XMetrics is the solution. It is an activity tracker, worn on the back of the head, clipped onto goggle straps, ergonomic and lightweight. Swimmers need to push one button and start swimming as always. XMetrics records every bio-mechanical parameters, number of strokes, laps, SWOLF, total time, turn efficiency and more, providing a real time audio feedback via earphone directly while swimming. Out of the pool, data can be downloaded, analyzed and shared with apps and web based software. XMetrics is open to all swimmers professional or recreational, who wish to enhance their experience in the swimming pool.