40% more effective

"The Hyperice Vyper Vibrating Foam Roller is the best thing I have ever bought. It has saved me trips to the physio and has helped me increase my flexibility in a very short period of time. In the long term this roller has helped me save money".

Hyperice’s vibration technology utilized in the VYPER, Hi-Intensity Vibration Fitness Roller incorporate the benefits of myofascial release and vibration therapy to improve mobility and flexibility approximately 3X more compared to standard self myofascial release rollers (SMR). Utilizing this science, incorporating the VYPER into your training is the solution for the efficient and dynamic pre and post workout regimen. Scientifically proven to increase your flexibility by 40% compared to standard rollers!

Used by the world's most elite athletes, The VYPER is a cutting-edge fitness and recovery device/roller that uses pressure and vibration to improve the body's overall performance. 

Using 3 different speed settings powered by rechargeable lithium ion batteries, which give over 2 hours of use for charge. Excellent for self massage, warm up, and to work on tight muscles that prevent you from moving better.

The VYPER, is the world’s first high intensity vibrating fitness roller. The VYPER delivers 3 speeds of vibration powered by a rechargeable 16.8 Lithium Ion battery. Unlike a traditional foam roller, the VYPER features a German engineered roller which effectively transfers maximum vibration to the body. The VYPER can be used to increase range of motion and flexibility and to increase circulation. Keeping the Body’s soft tissue (muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia) loose is essential for maintaining flexibility and range of motion. While foam rollers can help the body stay loose, adding vibration with the intensity and frequency of the VYPER takes the whole experience to another level. The VYPER has been used by the worlds best athletes to warm up and recover from training and competition. It can be used by anyone who wants to move better.

If a foam roller is a sword, the VYPER is a lightsaber.


Engineered to deliver high intensity and high frequency vibration into the bodyAll digital circuitry controls 3 speed settingsEco-friendly, German-made outer shell transfers maximum vibrationRechargeable lithium on batteries give over 2 hours of use per charge


Loosens and lengthens muscles, increasing range of motion and flexibilityIncreases circulation, ideal for warming up the body before physical activityHelps reduce muscle soreness and stiffness for better recoveryEffective tool for myofascial release

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Before you hit the track running always make sure to loosen out the muscles with the Vyper

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Crossfit Games Athlete - Helene Vabo Thorsen always uses the Vyper pre/post training

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Brisbane Broncos Rugby Team know an essential warm up with the Vyper is key to optimal performance

Customer Testimonials

This is a great product. Its worth the money if your training everyday. It will help you recover for the next day a lot quicker. It definitely makes a difference for me as a crossfitter. It helps keep everything lose much more so than a regular foam roller. So far I've no complaints about it.

Your Name, Declan

OMG this is a whole new foam roller experience! Brilliant just brilliant. This adds a whole new level of massage, the different levels of vibration give options for tired or sore muscles all over the body....or just as a nice refreshing massage.

Your Name, Abbey

I was expecting a fairly low intensity high frequency oscillation - a bit of a tingling, perhaps.. WRONG. Low is quite powerful with significant oscillation. Medium gives a very very strong massage. High is almost incomprehensibly strong. If you lie on your back with this under your shoulders your toes will vibrate pretty hard. Battery life seems kind of short but since it is rechargeable that is not an issue. Kind of short. Also a very firm exterior which I am sure is necessary to transmit the vibrations.If there were ever a product that should be labeled "professional" this is it.All in all, a truly exceptional product and I think an outstanding bargain since many textured rollers are E50-E75.And I suppose many creative bedroom uses other than massage. Just saying....

Your Name, Eric

Make the Hyperice Vyper the best investment of your life for helping you improve your overall athletic ability. Think of the price as saving you a minimum of 4 physio trips in your lifetime and you have the Vyper paid for.