Can insoles be cut down to size?

Yes, as we do not offer half-sizes, your insoles can be cut with a pair of sharp scissors to fit. However, we recommend ordering the next size up first. *Note, once you cut your insoles, they can no longer be returned or refunded.

How should the insoles be cleaned?

To clean your insoles, dab them with a damp cloth and let them air-dry overnight.

How long will the insoles last?

Based on an independent test, ENERTOR Performance Insoles last several times longer than standard insoles. After testing the insoles on runners and impact sports athletes, ENERTOR Insoles remained undeformed after 18 months.

Are they offered in wide sizes?

ENERTOR will fit any standard pair of trainers or hiking boots. However, if you are wearing wide industrial safety boots they may not fit. Please email us at sales@athletespecific.ie if you have more questions regarding width.

Should I remove my insoles from my existing shoes?

Yes. You should remove the existing insole from your shoes.

Can I transfer the insoles from shoe to shoe?

Yes, the insoles can be put into any shoe providing the shoe has enough space in the toe.

How much weight/impact can the insoles take?

Because of the unique material there is no limit of body weight placed onto the insoles. The material will protect your feet under impact regardless of body weight.

Can they be worn while walking through water?

Yes, just take them out of your trainers after the event, clean them with a damp cloth and let them air dry.


Do the insoles help someone with flat feet?

Yes—ENERTOR will not just give support but also control movements and increase muscle activity. The design of the insole can reduce the pressure on the forefoot and improve the functionality of the big toe area.

Do the insoles help someone with high arches?

Yes—ENERTOR will control the foot's dynamic motion and reduce the pressure on the forefoot. The design of the insoles can also improve the functioning of your big toe area.

Should the customer consult a doctor before purchasing insoles?

This is not required as our insoles are approved and recommended by clinicians because of the design and unique smart flow material which reacts very differently compared to other materials. If you have pain that persists, you should seek medical advice.

Can the insoles improve health?

ENERTOR’s design was created by clinicians who have served the Health Care Groups for many years. Their knowledge combined with the unique smart pattern material within the insoles improves your performance and the functionality of your foot. The shock attenuation under the heel and forefoot will decrease, and you will want to walk or run further and faster, improving you health. Challenge yourself and break your limits!

Are group discounts possible?

If you are an athletic club or plan to buy in bulk, please contact us at sales@athletespecific.ie