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As a sports medicine specialist dedicated to human performance and advanced recovery solutions, I’m always looking for the latest and most effective methods to enhance my practice. I had been following Hyperice and their dedication to improving cryotherapy treatment, or cold therapy, for quite some time before officially partnering with the injury prevention and recovery-focused brand earlier this year. After extensively testing their innovative ice compression device line, I appreciated their dedication to creating effective cryotherapy solutions, as cold therapy has always been a pillar in recovery treatment.  There are several reasons why cryotherapy is essential in this process. Most...

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We are told often “I don’t have an injury, so why do I need to use an ice compression device?” The answer: to avoid it from happening in the first place.   Preparation is essential to every athletes ability to perform.   You pack your gym bag, you warm up, you mentally prepare for the game ahead, you finish the game, you rest, recover, and then repeat.  Our ice compression devices are not just designed to accelerate injury recovery,  they are used for the prevention of injury. Portability, quality and convenience were top product design priorities,  so that “Hypericing" would...

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Summary: Cold water immersion therapy is becoming an increasingly popular recovery protocol, and has been proven to improve recovery for subjective measures, but its effects on objective measures are far less apparent. Despite its ability to improve recovery, the underpinning psycho-physiological responses of this recovery method are still not fully understood. Whilst further research is needed, the attenuation of inflammatory pathways and the hydrostatic effects of water immersion both pose interesting concepts for the positive effects of cold water therapy. Furthermore, plunging into cold water may be less beneficial in terms of recovery than immersion into thermoneutral water temperatures. The...

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